Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient’s Perspective

Recently medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan were raided and shut down by local law enforcement. A number of issues are now at the forefront of the debate. Proposal 1 which legalized medical marijuana in Michigan was only the first step. Now that it is clear the citizens of Michigan have compassion for patients. However, the question is just how far does that compassion go?

The first issue that every citizen should be concerned about is the fact that police were caught on video reading confidential medical files. This is a violation of the laws which protect patients’ medical records. The second issue is asset forfeiture laws which allow police to rob citizens at gun point, take their property and sell it for profit, without ever charging them with a crime. There are rumors that police agencies fund the majority of their budgets through this practice.

Citizens need to be informed of the threats patients face due to the fact that this is still considered a moral issue. Many people are not comfortable speaking up about this issue because they fear retaliation. Those who do not understand that marijuana is a proven medical therapy are holding on to an outdated sense of moral superiority. If a patient with children speaks out on behalf of medical marijuana their parenting is called into question. If they hold a professional position they fear the possibility of loosing their job because of their medical condition and chosen treatment.

It is unfortunate that medical marijuana is viewed as a moral issue. The fact is that the moral objections no longer have any basis. The big secret the opposition doesn’t want you to know is that science proved the medical value of THC many years ago. Solvay Pharmaceuticals manufactures Marinol. Marinol is an extremely expensive medication which a doctor can prescribe for patients who have problems with nausea; usually patients who suffer from cancer or AIDS. Yet doctors who would have no reservations prescribing Marinol still object to supporting marijuana because of the moral repercussions they may face from a career standpoint.

The vital fact few people know is that Marinol is synthetic Delta-9-THC. If this does not convince you that marijuana or more specifically its active ingredient THC are of great medical value then you simply don’t want to see the reality. The reality is clear; marijuana helps patients who suffer from serious illnesses. The key benefits are two fold; first, it helps to relieve nausea and second, it helps patients to take in food which is important for maintaining a healthy weight. A number of studies have proven the medical value of marijuana.

My experience made this clear to me. After returning from surgery, I weighted only 98 lbs. Marijuana helped me to gain 20 lbs within two months which would not have happened without some type of medical assistance. Previously, doctors had used TPN which is a formula or medicine feed through an IV in order to help gain weight. Using medical marijuana rather than TPN is a much more natural and safer method. TPN has many dangerous side effects which is why marijuana was the safer option.

My experience, education, and research give me the unique ability to provide a first hand account. I have spent many years studying this issue and I can say without any hesitation that medical marijuana is a vital treatment for patients with illnesses that cause extreme weight loss. I feel that it is my calling, my responsibility, and my moral obligation to share with the world the truth about medical marijuana.

Can We Undo a Done Before it is Done? Decriminalization of weed

Even before our new president gets under the covers of the oval office, there is controversy. Now what surprises us about that statement? We all have opinions and Enquire Magazine has welcomed Lambert to state his perspective on the legalization of marijuana as proposed by the new president.

Lambert knows some people, from his past , that have done some damage to their seemingly productive lives by the use of this drug. I personally know some people who used the drug and are compromised in normal life living experiences. That quality, once removed by marijuana cannot be erased. We can set bones,remove decayed or ill performing organs, transform dismembered limbs into bionic performers, but have not been able to undo this done that marijuana has caused. The result of marijuana use is permanent.

The new president is considering, as stated by Trump’s administration, decriminalizing marijuana by the end of his tenure in office. The article goes on to say that the introduction of H.R. 5843 is set to realase federal penalites for the use of marijuana by “responsible adults”. To that I must put my perspectives into this mix as well.

How did the “responsible adults” of yesterday and years past , get their tidy little hands around this drug? To me that answer is an easy one to state. Anyone who wanted to have a joint knew who to get it from, securing it whether by legal or illegal means. We have all heard of the growing of the weed and the somewhat ease of that process.

Can we contact Barbara Lee or one of the other 6 Democartic House members who contemplate and seemingly sponsor this legislation the new president is putting on their plates? Only if we want to be a part of justifying our ideals of life. It does not take much digging to discover the reason for the majority of homelessness is contributed vastly by the use of drugs. One of these, through research is marijuana. What once could have been considered “recreational use” has sometimes led to hard core, addictive drug use of a different magnitude.

Of course the marijauna OK, if it ends up to come true, like our incoming president would like it to be, will probably be forked very heavily. We might also consider it not even being seen with the cover up it might be concealed with, for our eyes. Again, we might just be lulled into thinking it is better to let “responsible adults” get what they desire. At times, we might think it is better to have marijuana governed by the government. One more thing that if we allow, weill permeate our sensibility unless we undo this before it is done.