Fibromyalgia Uses of Marijuana to Reduce Fibromyalgia Nausea

Medicinal uses of marijuana have been under much debate in recent years with changes in legislation possibly on the horizon. If you are suffering from nausea related to fibromyalgia, you may find that medical marijuana for fibromyalgia is effective at alleviating your symptoms but challenging to legally use in specific areas of the United States.

Fibromyalgia nausea is believed to be connected to the pain associated with fibromyalgia complications. While there is some debate over the actual cause and origin of fibromyalgia pain, if the pain is not controlled, nausea is usually a side effect of that complication. To control fibromyalgia nausea, many patients are moving to areas of the country that will allow fibromyalgia use of marijuana legally.

Fibromyalgia Uses of cannabis

If you suffer from fibromyalgia nausea, and even fibromyalgia muscle spasms, there are other forms of treatment that can be utilized to control your complications but medicinal marijuana may be the cheapest and most natural option. Moving away from synthetic drugs, patients who are looking for natural alternative medicine options often consider medicinal marijuana but only under the recommendations and advice of personal physician.

It is important to note, however, that some patients with fibromyalgia symptoms, such as fibromyalgia nausea, do not achieve good results from the use of fibromyalgia marijuana use and, typically, this is due to some other health issue that results in nausea complications. Toxin Rid marijuana detox pills can also help to clenase your system. When pain is not the underlying cause of nausea onset, the medicinal use of marijuana may not prove effective. For these patients, hormonal imbalance and other muscular health disorders may need to be treated in order for the fibromyalgia nausea to be well controlled.

Marijuana use in the United States is illegal except for the use of medicinal marijuana in specific states. With legislatures continue to debate over the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical uses, fibromyalgia patients are utilizing the drug either in a controlled setting, with a doctor’s prescription, or forced to engage in illegal use of the drug to achieve the natural pain relieving effects.

Hempz Herbal Moisturizer Lotion

Over the course of my life, I have tried more hand and body lotions than I care to admit. Hempz Herbal Moisturizer is without a doubt my favorite. I have used more expensive name brand lotions, but they cannot compare to the moisturizing ability and wonderful fragrance of this product.

I was introduced to Hempz lotion by my best friend. She had a bottle of it sitting on her dresser, and curious, I picked up the bottle for a better look. I was surprised to see a label which contained a picture of what looked to be a marijuana leaf! Quite intrigued by now, I sampled the lotion.

The fragrance alone, which can be described as banana mixed with a fresh floral, would have sold me on the product, but it was what the lotion did for my skin that impressed me the most. It is billed as an “all day moisturizer”, all day in this case meaning 12 hours, and it more than lives up to this claim. The ingredient behind this intense moisture is pure hemp seed oil and extract.


Hemp is the common name for plants of the genus Cannabis. It is normally used to describe strains of the plant that are cultivated strictly for non-drug use. So, though it looks like a marijuana leaf on the front of the bottle, it is a hemp leaf! The leaves look very similar, so it is easy to confuse the two. Industrial hemp is a different breed of the cannabis plant. Hemp contains less than .3% of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana which gives its users a “high” or “buzz”.

So, hemp could be compared to non-alcoholic beer in that it has no illicit use whatsoever. Hemp oil is rather unique. It contains rich sources of essential fatty acid that are necessary for the body to function properly. Few oils can boast of the ability hemp oil has to absorb easily and quickly into the skin.

This is because the EFAs are present in exactly the right ratio for optimum absorption into the body. Hempz also contains shea butter and ginseng, plus vitamins A, C, and E.

I was amazed at how long the effects of Hempz seemed to last, both the fragrance and the moisturization. My skin actually felt soft and smooth a lot longer than twelve hours. It isn’t often that a beauty product does MORE than it advertises, and it’s a joy when you find one that does. Hempz is a superior moisturizing lotion with unusual ingredients that made a dramatic difference in my skin.

Is Legal Marijuana Coming to Los Angeles?

In the city of Los Angeles, after the passing of California proposition 215 several years ago legalizing marijuana for medical use, residents like me saw an explosion of medical marijuana dispensaries, or weed shops. After a year or two, pretty much most blocks in the city, most neighborhoods had several operating. Most operated quietly and privately and in compliance with the city laws. In a difficult economy they provided a needed boost in local real estate leasing and all the support services that go along with it.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Proposition 19 is on the California ballot in the November election and if passed, this will legalize marijuana for personal use, in California.

legalise marijuana

The city of Los Angeles tried to regulate the dispensaries, but apparently was not successful, as last year the city found itself with over 500 outlets selling medical marijuana. According to the Los Angeles Times, recently, the city has cracked down, and is attempting to reduce the number to 180 or so that applied originally. The city is using strict interpretations of the rules, so strict that most shops do not and can not comply, causing more controversy. The city has decided to sue all the existing shops, to put them all on notice, and let a judge decide.

Although I’m not a marijuana smoker, I’ve smoked in the past and certainly have no problem with those who choose to do it. I’m confident its less harmful, both to the user and to society than alcohol. I’ve also visited the shops and know some of the people involved and see the spectrum.

By that I mean I see really sick people coming in wheelchairs, on social security, buying tiny amounts of the cheapest marijuana, just to really treat their pain. Then you also have gangster types, rolling up in their new Mercedes AMG, buying the maximum amount the law allows of the most expensive strains, as you know they are just going to resell it on the street, they are drug dealers. Same thing for the doctors involved in the issuing of medical marijuana approvals. Some are real doctors who talk to you and don’t just approve everyone, some are mills, making tons of money, just approving who ever walks through the door and hands them cash.

Here in Los Angeles, there is also now a huge number of medical doctors and clinics who offer the medical marijuana approval letters like candy. Even in Venice Beach, I’ve been walking on the boardwalk and seen several clinics operate along the boardwalk with hucksters standing out front with placards, bragging about how easy it is and how you can walk in and get your card immediately. Of course the law was designed to help real sick people, and places like this just make a joke out of it.

Recently, furthering the legalization process, the Los Angeles Times reported Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill into law making possession under an ounce of marijuana an infraction, not a crime. This puts it in the same category as a parking ticket or a jay-walking ticket. Now Prop 19 is coming to the ballot in November across California, this will make possession of less than an ounce, by an adult, legal. Also individuals can also grow a small amount of marijuana for their own personal use. This is all recreational, you won’t need any kind of medical reason or prescription.

With the legalization of medical marijuana, we saw a strong boost to the local economy. Talk to many property owners and landlords who rented to the dispensaries. They paid higher rates, sometimes double, and paid in full, sometimes months in advance. In this economy, with so many vacancies, it was huge benefit that came at a perfect time, when vacancies were sky high.

Those medical marijuana businesses spur other businesses. When a dispensary opens, they need to hire contractors to build out the space. They have employees that also benefit from this new work. The contractors have to buy supplies to build the space, this helps local suppliers and national corporations like Home Depot. They need to paint the space, install lights, buy furniture and computers, all revenue going to local businesses and generating sales taxes.

These dispensaries then hire staff, supporting local families. I’ve seen this cycle myself, it happens with any new business.

Does Toxin Rid work?

Does Toxin Rid work? I hav recieved this question a thousand times already. The short answer is yes, Toxin Rid does work! I have passed two urine drug test with Toxin rid, but according to the manufacturer it also works for blood and saliva drug test as well. Saliva and blood drug tests are easy to pass, but urine is a bit trickier, unfortunately this is the most common drug test nowdays.

I have used Toxin rid 10 day detox program twice and it worked both times, but it very important to follow the instructions to the T. I highly recommend to check out Michael Boron’s youtbe channel, here is a good one from him on detox pills:

Toxin Rid reviews and other alternatives

You can find plenty of posiitve Toxin Rid reviews online, probably because its a popular product.and because it does work. Toxin Rid is the best detox pill for drug test what you can buy on the market. There are some other detox pills what claim the same like Toxin Rid, but these are usually just low quality suplements. What can you expect from something what cost 25-30 dollars? What do they contain? Some basic herbs like every other detox product, and nothing else, non of these products explains how these products work and how they help you to clean your system of toxins.

Toxin Rid 10 days detox vs 5 days program

Like I said these are many reviews online, you should always read the reviews before purchasing anything, not just detox products, anything online..always check what other people say. I highly recommend you to check out this Toxin Rid 10 day detox.  review. This is probably the best article on Toxin Rid what I have read so far. My personal recommendation is to use the 5 days detox program if youare not a heavy smoker/drug user and the 7-10 days program if you are a daily smoker.

Using Toxin rid’s 5 days detox program or even 2-3 days program is also a good idea if you are planning to use detox drinks like mega clean or rescue detox ice. Mega clean in some sites are sold bundled with toxin rid pe rid tablets. Its a great way to cleanse your system before using any masking agent. If you used Toxin Rid for 3-5 days, then most of your toxins are already out of your system and there is not much what you shuld mask, this pre cleanse method would greatly increase your chances.

Beside taking Toxin Rid detox pills or any other cleansing product its very important to do your natural cleansing routine, without that non of these pills are efective. Of course the most important is to do not smoke weed or use any drugs during your detox. I highly recommend you to check out my previous detox pills for drug test article to learn more about natural detoxification methods.

Toxin Rid money back guarantee

I think every single toxin rid review mention the money back guarantee which is a great thing. Toxin Rid is an expensive product and if for some reason you would fail your test, they would give you back the money you spent on the product. Its important to follow the instructions and do your natural cleansing routine every day.

Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient’s Perspective

Recently medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan were raided and shut down by local law enforcement. A number of issues are now at the forefront of the debate. Proposal 1 which legalized medical marijuana in Michigan was only the first step. Now that it is clear the citizens of Michigan have compassion for patients. However, the question is just how far does that compassion go?

The first issue that every citizen should be concerned about is the fact that police were caught on video reading confidential medical files. This is a violation of the laws which protect patients’ medical records. The second issue is asset forfeiture laws which allow police to rob citizens at gun point, take their property and sell it for profit, without ever charging them with a crime. There are rumors that police agencies fund the majority of their budgets through this practice.

Citizens need to be informed of the threats patients face due to the fact that this is still considered a moral issue. Many people are not comfortable speaking up about this issue because they fear retaliation. Those who do not understand that marijuana is a proven medical therapy are holding on to an outdated sense of moral superiority. If a patient with children speaks out on behalf of medical marijuana their parenting is called into question. If they hold a professional position they fear the possibility of loosing their job because of their medical condition and chosen treatment.

It is unfortunate that medical marijuana is viewed as a moral issue. The fact is that the moral objections no longer have any basis. The big secret the opposition doesn’t want you to know is that science proved the medical value of THC many years ago. Solvay Pharmaceuticals manufactures Marinol. Marinol is an extremely expensive medication which a doctor can prescribe for patients who have problems with nausea; usually patients who suffer from cancer or AIDS. Yet doctors who would have no reservations prescribing Marinol still object to supporting marijuana because of the moral repercussions they may face from a career standpoint.

The vital fact few people know is that Marinol is synthetic Delta-9-THC. If this does not convince you that marijuana or more specifically its active ingredient THC are of great medical value then you simply don’t want to see the reality. The reality is clear; marijuana helps patients who suffer from serious illnesses. The key benefits are two fold; first, it helps to relieve nausea and second, it helps patients to take in food which is important for maintaining a healthy weight. A number of studies have proven the medical value of marijuana.

My experience made this clear to me. After returning from surgery, I weighted only 98 lbs. Marijuana helped me to gain 20 lbs within two months which would not have happened without some type of medical assistance. Previously, doctors had used TPN which is a formula or medicine feed through an IV in order to help gain weight. Using medical marijuana rather than TPN is a much more natural and safer method. TPN has many dangerous side effects which is why marijuana was the safer option.

My experience, education, and research give me the unique ability to provide a first hand account. I have spent many years studying this issue and I can say without any hesitation that medical marijuana is a vital treatment for patients with illnesses that cause extreme weight loss. I feel that it is my calling, my responsibility, and my moral obligation to share with the world the truth about medical marijuana.

Can We Undo a Done Before it is Done? Decriminalization of weed

Even before our new president gets under the covers of the oval office, there is controversy. Now what surprises us about that statement? We all have opinions and Enquire Magazine has welcomed Lambert to state his perspective on the legalization of marijuana as proposed by the new president.

Lambert knows some people, from his past , that have done some damage to their seemingly productive lives by the use of this drug. I personally know some people who used the drug and are compromised in normal life living experiences. That quality, once removed by marijuana cannot be erased. We can set bones,remove decayed or ill performing organs, transform dismembered limbs into bionic performers, but have not been able to undo this done that marijuana has caused. The result of marijuana use is permanent.

The new president is considering, as stated by Trump’s administration, decriminalizing marijuana by the end of his tenure in office. The article goes on to say that the introduction of H.R. 5843 is set to realase federal penalites for the use of marijuana by “responsible adults”. To that I must put my perspectives into this mix as well.

How did the “responsible adults” of yesterday and years past , get their tidy little hands around this drug? To me that answer is an easy one to state. Anyone who wanted to have a joint knew who to get it from, securing it whether by legal or illegal means. We have all heard of the growing of the weed and the somewhat ease of that process.

Can we contact Barbara Lee or one of the other 6 Democartic House members who contemplate and seemingly sponsor this legislation the new president is putting on their plates? Only if we want to be a part of justifying our ideals of life. It does not take much digging to discover the reason for the majority of homelessness is contributed vastly by the use of drugs. One of these, through research is marijuana. What once could have been considered “recreational use” has sometimes led to hard core, addictive drug use of a different magnitude.

Of course the marijauna OK, if it ends up to come true, like our incoming president would like it to be, will probably be forked very heavily. We might also consider it not even being seen with the cover up it might be concealed with, for our eyes. Again, we might just be lulled into thinking it is better to let “responsible adults” get what they desire. At times, we might think it is better to have marijuana governed by the government. One more thing that if we allow, weill permeate our sensibility unless we undo this before it is done.

What are the best detox pills for weed

I have heard this question a couple of times in the last few years..what are the best detox pills for drug test, what is the best and fastest way to get rid of toxins permanently and pass any kind of drug test. There are various detox products on the market, but most of them are just temporary masking solution, there are only a very few ” detox products what are actually detoxing your system”. Its not a popular option because most just want to pass the urine test as fast as possible and continue smoking.

What are the best detox pills for drug test

drug detox pillsHowever if you are looking for a permanent solution then you need detox pills, the best detox pills for drug test is called Toxin Rid. Its manufactured by testclear and this is the only product I know what actually cleans your entire system, flush out all the toxins permanently, everything else is just permanent solution or just a weak try.

Obviously there are a lot of crap detox pills on the market, made in china.Do not trust them for a second. Always buy detox products, especially detox pills from a trusted source.

500% money back guarantee

There are more and more products popping up with false promises and insane money back guarantees. 500% money back guarantee and similar promises are bullshit. They will never give you back a cent. If you fail the test they will say you did some mistake and thats why you failed. They can say you didn’t follow the directions and thats why you failed. The possibilities are endless, but one thing for sure, they will never ever give your money back, do not even think about it.

Toxin Rid 10 days program for the best result

detox pills for drug testIf you are a heavy smoker with large body mass and you want to make sure to pass the test then you will need a Toxin Rid 10 days detox program or a bit longer. Its really hard to get rid of THC, much harder than oder drug metabolites.

Toxin Rid also had 4 5 days programs and some more, but I wouldn’t recommend taking an 1-2 days program. 1-2 days even with exercising like crazy is not enough to get rid of all the toxins in your body.

If you have 1-2 days only, then take a bottle of Mega clean detox drink with toxin rid prerid combo for 69 $ and it will help you to pass most urine drug test. If you follow the instructions then I can guarantee that you will pass the test.

If you want to get rid of toxins permanently than take a 10 days cleansing program from Toxin rid, if you have time you can purchase some additional days for discounted price. Its important to understand then taking the pills is just one part, if you want to be 100% sure to pass, then you will need to start your own detox program, which involves:

  • Exercising like crazy (sweat as much as possible)
  • Drinking gallons of water every single day to flush out as much toxins as possible
  • eating healthy -vegetables and fruits mostly, no fast foods and red meats.

If you follow this natural detox program and take your Toxin Rid drug detox pills every day as its instructed you will pass your drug test I can guarantee.

This method takes longer, costs more and requires much more preparation than other methods to pass a drug test, so if your only purpose is to pass a drug test as fast and as cheap as possible, then I suggest you to use synthetic urine or detox drinks for drug test, both methods work, requires less money and almost impossible to fail.


Is safe to use the weed

In United States and other countries people spend more than hundreds millions of dollar in each year to use drugs. The legality of the weed might be varying from country to country so before you must utilize the weed, you must consider about your country legality.

The medical use of the weed is legal in numerous numbers of the countries such as Czech Republic, Israel and Canada. According to the studies says that weed might be used for more than thousands of years so it can provide more numbers of the medical benefits. If you smoke weed then you can gain more number of the health benefits.

This kind of the weed is widely used for scientific purposes and many of the online portals are offered this weed with cost effective price. In case you are looking to buy this weed in legal way then you must choose the legit website because they can only provide premium quality of weed.

Most of the weeds are considered as the edible plants so it may have medical properties. In case you are looking to buy the weed then you should know about the weed legalization so that you can get only premium quality of weed. Actually 6% of the studies say that weed is mostly used for the medicinal field because it has wide numbers of the medical benefits. If you know about the weed legalization then it is really helpful to understand the impacts of weed on human body.

It has excellent active ingredients such as dronabinol and THC so it is completely good for health. If you surf about weed then you may acquire more numbers of the results which is surely useful to people to understand the weed in detail so know about the weed legality before you plan to buy weed.

Even if weed is legal in some countries and in many states you are still subject of drug testing. To learn how to get weed out of your system check out this article, to learn has to pass a drug test as fast as possible without detoxing your body, click here.